Can you give me a quote for a paint job without seeing my bike /project?

 No, Im sorry I need to be able to see the exsisting condition of your bike or project to be able to assess how much time is going to go into your job. I dont scrimp on prep or repairs and I will need to see if their is any exsisting damage. Either bring me your bike or project and your ideas or feel free to email detailed photos. The more honest you are the more accurate I can quote.

Im happy to discuss and design work to suit all budgets.


How long will my job take?

  Each job is as individual as you are and so will vairy from job to job. I aim to complete jobs to the highest possable standard and sometimes this takes time especially when it comes to custom bespoke artwork. I start your work as soon as it comes in but wont be rushed. I adhere to correct drying times and wont cut corners on flattening and polishing your work to the best possable effect.


Ive rang you but your phone just rings with no answer....

  I am sole trader and as such during busy periods there will be times when I am in the spray booth and so will be unable to answer the phone straight away. This does not mean you are not important. Please feel free to leave a message or email me and I will always get back to you. Alternatively try again later.


Do you just paint bikes?

  No, in my time painting I've painted everything from motorbikes and helmets to leathers, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, computer cases, musical instruments, wheelchairs, kitchen doors, statues, murals, bedrooms, furniture etc. In fact if it stands still long enough and isnt ticklish I'll paint it.


Do you take credit cards?

  No at the moment I dont take credit cards. Payment can be made by cash or direct transfer. (Please note: paint work will not be released untill payment is made in full and has cleared). A deposit is made up front with the balance paid on collection of finished work.


I dont live local can I still get my bike painted?

 Yes of course. We can book your tinwear in for an agreed date, then If you box up your tinwear securly and send it by courior just before your booked in date we will sign for it at our end  and start work soon as we get it. If we find any problems when it arrives we will call to discuss any issues before we tackle them so you always know costs. We will send you photographs of your completed work and will courior it back after payment is cleared.






Frequently Asked Questions.