About Us.

 Here at Saragon Custom Paint we strive to produce the highest quality work we can to suit many budgets and styles of bikes or custom item. We use the very best quality of paint depending on the item you bring in to be painted.  All work is thoroughly inspected before work starts and after work is completed. We do not skimp on prepping items to produce the best end result we can.


 We dont just paint motorbikes, although the vast majority of our work is all types of

bikes from classics to sports bikes, cruisers to scooters, custom to restorations. We also

paint bicycles, computer cases, musical instruments, wheelchairs, helmets, jackets, tool

boxes, skateboards and panels. We have even painted more unusual items such as life

size statue for a cafe garden to a custom painted fridge. Even a rusy table base. We are

always willing too look at any item you bring to be painted to decide and discuss if we

can help.


 We produce some "old fashioned" techniques such as sculpted artwork on tinwear, wood

effects,  gold, silver and copper leafing. We also do pinstriping and airbrushing. We can

marble, ice, rust and lava and always expanding our range of effects. We can also do

plasic welding to broken panels or panniers that are to be repainted helping save costs

where possable. We have powder coating contacts who produce excellent work for us

which we can paint over.


So whatever it is you want painting call in and we will do our very best to help design something to your requirements.